Our Admissions Counseling Services

With up to 4,000 accredited colleges and universities throughout the USA and Canada, it is important for the student to know where to begin their search for the ‘right fit’ school. We use our in-depth knowledge and resources to provide navigation and honest, up to date information on the best universities to the student and their family.


  • In-depth interview with Student and parents
  • Review students academic record
  • Standardised testing timeline and preparation for ACT and or SAT through free or *outsourced, paid prep
  • Financial documentation expectations of international families and US citizens. (FAFSA and the CSS Profile)
  • College list preparation: evaluate schools and student’s interests and creating a list with “Safety, Likely and Reach colleges”
  • Building an activities list; prioritizing extra-curricular activities and organizing for the CV
  • Work with the student on securing letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors
  • Essay writing advice from brainstorming topics and guidance through final draft.
  • Interview advising when necessary
  • College tour advice and logistical knowledge
  • Encouraging student-athletes to begin their research and program search as early as year 10, to avoid disappointment
    • Getting to know the NCAA Division I, II and II
    • Registering for the NCAA eligibility Center
    • Help the student develop coach and program contacts
    • Assist with communications
    • Build athletic/specific sport CV to send to coaches.
    • Finding summer camps to ‘get in front of’ the coaches
  • Advise on F-I and J-I visas requirements
  • Provide sound and first hand advice on travelling, studying and living in the USA
  • Provide a communication buffer between parent and student during a complex process.
  • Supported with utilisation of College Planner Pro, a specialised project management tool for assessing colleges and tracking submissions.

*Added cost standardized test-prep companies available upon request.